Bartolini 57J1L/S 5 string J-bass pair

  • $168.00

The Bartolini 57J1 L/S is the Fender American Standard Jazz Bass® (J-Bass®) replacement pickup set with a 'long' (L1) pickup for the bridge and a 'short' (S1) pickup for the neck. The set is highly respected by musicians and luthiers alike for its deep tone, strong lows, low mids tone. These pickups feature a split coil design. The 57J1 is part of the "original series" bass pickups with passive designs. They are cast in epoxy to remove unwanted feedback and microphonics. Note: The lengths of the neck and bridge pickups in the original J-basses are not equal. The neck pickup is slightly shorter than the bridge pickup. Some modern designs, however, use two 'long' bridge-length pickups. In this configuration it is important to use the "LN" (long neck) pickup that is specifically designed to work in this position (do not use the L1 bridge pickup in the neck position). Some (very few) basses use two 'short' neck length pickups. Please check the physical size of the pickups you want to replace to make sure the replacements fit properly. If you need a set that has the LN pickup or two long L1 pickups, please contact us. Bartolini pickups are precision magnetic transducers designed and manufactured to bring out the fullest response from electric guitars and basses. Each pickup is hand assembled from selected materials and carefully tested for output level, square wave response, hum level and microphonics. All Bartolini pickups carry a one year warranty for defects in workmanship or materials. Specifications Position: L1 (long) bridge, S1 (short) neck L1 pickup dimensions: 4.14" L x 0.77" W (105.03mm L x 19.56mm W) L1 screw spacing: 1.90" W x 0.96" L (48.26mm W x 24.38mm W) S1 pickup dimensions: 4.00" L x 0.77" W (101.60mm L x 19.56mm W) S1 screw spacing: 1.82" W x 0.96" L (46.23mm W x 24.38mm W) Magnets: split ceramic bar Output: moderate Cover: black

  • Split Coil Hum Cancelling 5-String J-Bass Pickup Set
  • Includes L1 Bridge Pickup and S1 Neck Pickup
  • Ceramic Magnets, Epoxy Sealed
  • Made in the USA
  • Fender American Standard Jazz Bass (J Bass) Replacements