DiMarzio DP159F Evolution Bridge Pickup Black Humbucker F-Spacing

  • $79.99

The DiMarzio Evolution humbucking pickup offers up plenty of out and a tight, aggressive tone, and now GearNuts offers it to you! F-spaced for Floyd Rose trem-equipped guitars, the Evolution features 4-conductor wiring, ceramic magnets, and DiMarzio's patented dual-resonance configuration, which produces more harmonic overtones than conventional humbuckers. A killer pickup for pushing your amp to its full tonal potential, this humbucker is ideal for high-octane live performance jobs - while giving you plenty of definition for the studio, too. Take your axe's performance to the next level with the Evolution!

  • The result of years of research to come up with the right sound for a very demanding player"Steve Vai
  • Designed for maximum impact and power
  • The sound is tight, aggressive and loud
  • The DiMarzio DP159 Evolution Bridge Pickup is a hefty humbucker designed for maximum impact and power
  • The Evolution pickup's sound is tight, aggressive, and loud