Nordstrand Big Split 5 String Bass Pickup Set

  • $260.00

The Big Split is a split coil version of Nordstrands Big Single. It gives you the same big, full tone you find with the Big Single, but with hum cancelling properties! These use the same magnet layout as the big single, and the resultantly big coil is about as much single coil pickup that can be packaged in a soap-bar cover. This is the ultimate pickup for the jazz bass®-on-steroids tone purist! these pickups will fit as replacements for Bartolini™ p2. String spacing is 19mm. Includes black covers.

  • 5 String Pickup Set (includes neck and bridge pickup)
  • Replacement for Bartolini P2 Shape (1.25 x 4.25-Inches)
  • Black Covers Included