Nordstrand NVT A3 Guitar Pickup Set - Telecaster Replacement

  • $173.00

“The neck pu is about the best I’ve ever heard…” - Michael Thompson

The NVT A3 pickups are the result of a determined pursuit of knockout vintage telecaster tone. These pickups feature Alnico III magnets, which have been determined to be “the” correct magnet used in the earliest of the great Fender Telecaster guitars.

Have you ever played an early tele and been floored by the amazing rich complex tone and then wondered why that tone seems to only be found in those incredibly rare and expensive vintage guitars? These A3 NVT pickups will get you as close to that tone as your guitar will allow.

The bridge has a dcr of 6.85k ohms and the neck is 5.9k ohms.

From Nordstrand: "It should be noted that a true vintage correct neck pickup would use Alnico V magnets and a brass cover. We decided to try Alnico III and a nickel cover and we’re glad we did."

The neck pickup of this set is truly inspirational – rich, full, clean and shiny. Somehow it’s all of these things at once...and the bridge pickup delivers all the same amazing sonic goodness as the neck pickup yet it delivers it with the expected character that only comes from that angled placement so close to the saddles. As a set they are truly a tonal force to be reckoned with. Try them today!

  • Telecaster Replacement (Upgrade) Set
  • Bridge and Neck Pickup
  • Alnico III Magnets - Correct Magnet from earliest Fender Teles.
  • Nickel Neck Pickup Cover Included
  • True Vintage Tone